Akanksha Roy, a food blogger

Akanksha Roy, a food blogger from Kolkata, writes on 4 fantastic Flurys delicacies that make it one of the best bakeries in Kolkata. They have turned into a legacy, an institution, reminiscence, deeply engraved in the cultural heritage of the ‘City of Joy’. But beyond this magnificent character that it has achieved over the years, it also has an unadulterated and unassuming quality which has been touching the hearts of many.

Fresh Fruit Tart Right from your old grandmas and grandpas to your friends and cousins, everyone loves to dig into this Fresh Fruit Tart from Flurys.. The sweet paste base is filled with pastry cream, and topped with some fresh seasonal fruits, making it an absolutely delicious dessert, across many generations of Kolkata. Flurys is now offering online cake delivery in Kolkata, so that nobody is deprived of the lip-smacking love that their desserts entail. And now, if you want to buy the delicious cakes or order online pastries in Kolkata from the legendary Flurys, you have to just visit www. So, hurry up and dig into this decadent paradise today. Single Origin Chocolate Boxes (Cardboard box) Has anybody told you ever that one could wrap little chocolaty wonders in a wooden box? Flurys offers you a selection of Single Origin Madagascar Dark and Java Milk chocolate truffles that can be an exclusive choice of gift on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. The simple reason is that Flurys has long gone past the mere role of bakers or confectioners. Starting with its delectable variety of cakes, and pastries to the richly textured puddings, and chocolates, Flurys has always promised to pamper your taste buds in the sweetest way possible.

So, here rotary oven we have put together a number of scrumptious items from Flurys that will not just sweeten your mouth but also your soul.flurys for online pastries or online cake delivery in Kolkata. The Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with a perfectly dense crumb and a wonderful layer of maple cream cheese frosting is definitely a favourite of many “Flurys fanatics”. “

Flurys is a name that every Calcuttan is aware of, irrespective of whether they are dessert lovers or not. Chocolate Hazelnut Cake No birthday can ever be complete without a cake from Flurys. Take a look. No matter if you order this mouth-watering cake to make a birthday party grander or simply want to devour the whole by yourself to delve into your sinful fantasies, its every bite will be filled with spice, nuts, and everything nice. This dark and dry cake, richly flavoured with alcohol, soaked dry fruits and packed attractively in a tin box definitely exudes the legacy of Flurys and lives up to its reputation of being one of the best bakeries in Kolkata.flurys . She also informs that, one can visit .

Whether it is about adding grandeur and pomp to a lavish birthday party or celebrating a gooey Christmas with a chocolaty explosion in the mouth, Flurys is always the first choice for every occasion.“Flurys, one of the legendary cake shops and confectioneries in Kolkata, offers a variety of delicacies that simply melt your soul with its sweetness. Rich Plum Cake Gift Tin If you want to give a present that is rich in flavours, texture, and taste, and at the same time, is a reflection of highly refined and sophisticated class, this Rich Plum Cake Gift Tin from Flurys is your absolute sweet saviour. And now, one can order their favourite cake from Flurys while simply sitting at home

Yet you’re asking me all kinds

Yet you’re asking me all kinds of questions. Not surprising. Both looked fit and competent. He stumbled in through the door, his back thickly coated with snow, his pants soaked to the thigh.”Usually it makes people want to shoot me in the face.’The woman said: ‘Annie Ness. Everyone loved Christmas.”Like Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid,’ Reacher said. The woman had short black hair, cut in a bob that just missed her collar. Maybe due at Irwin for a training exercise.

Or Mexico, one year, after the State Department found it convenient to renew his passport.By October at the latest he would start heading south.”We don’t. ‘Nothing you can do about it, soldier.”Is he?”Depends what happens next. ‘The Nato net needs a plane in the air.’They’re at Fort Irwin,’ Reacher said.Ness asked: ‘What’s DCR 120?”A solid gold promise he’s about to get a medal and a promotion.”Says you.’The guy ducked down to a silent refrigerator and put a long-neck bottle on the bar. Which suggests your duties are more urgent than a joint training exercise..

I’m not looking for a guy. She seemed equal parts excited and worried about the helicopter, which arrived five minutes early, dropping low where the road was buried, kicking up a whole new blizzard, hovering with its wheels in the snow, but not set down, because who knew what the snow was hiding?Reacher floundered out to meet it, keeping low, and he ushered the older lady past him, and turned back into the artificial blizzard for her husband, so he didn’t see the same blizzard catch the older lady’s scarf, and flap it up, thereby for a split second exposing a small round tattoo in the pit of her throat, the size of a silver dollar, of a Christmas wreath complete with leaves and bows and candles, all surrounding the black silhouette of a scorpion.He said: ‘What have you got?

The guy said: ‘Beer. He said a Black Hawk would be there in 20 minutes.Reacher took a table.’ Her accent was from somewhere in England.Around Barstow no one called it anything, because the power went out immediately, and the phones went down, and the cell towers went off line. He was sure of that, too.. The candles were all set on porcelain saucers, all the same, white and sturdy, like hotel ware crockery. Bad show.Military, Reacher thought. Not romantically involved at all.”That’s going to be difficult. I would have aroused no further suspicion. Reacher knew the British Army.”Unless he got stuck somewhere along the way. No smile. And there were lots of them.’Jackson looked at the transceiver, down in his lap. We spun off but they didn’t see and they drove on.”Really?”For my sins. There is no food, and no adequate heating.The woman said to him: ‘This gentleman was in the 110th over here. We think it’s the name of an operator or an agent. We were in the trail car. And we should take them anyway. There are no facilities here.Jack Reacher was happy to play the hand he was dealt, semi-automatic cookie machine and to live life the way it came. Except they weren’t American.Reacher said: ‘What’s so urgent up at Irwin?’Jackson asked: ‘Can you help us?”How could I? I’m retired. The Florida Keys, sometimes. A super-secret meeting. Or Tucson, Arizona. ‘Who do you think I am?”We need to find our guy. And about you, as well. Both were in worn denim jeans and T-shirts and old leather jackets.’The guy said: ‘When?’Reacher said: ‘Back in the day. The old guy at the other table coughed to get attention, and looked over, optimistically, hoping for good news. No suits or wrinkle-free fabrics. Is Tom Cruise moving into this Florida penthouse owned by.’Perhaps you have a large and capable vehicle. They all looked like they had arrived not long before, the same way he had, huffing and puffing and stamping and clapping.”It’s about saving lives.’The guy came back on the line. Some kind of bar or roadhouse.Reacher looked out of the window. No signal.’Annie Ness glanced both ways and hunched forward and whispered: ‘We’re a close protection detail.”We can’t assume,’ Ness said, and then she said nothing more. Now the same thing was happening way to the south. Not decorative candles.”Possibly exaggerated. Whatever you’re late for ain’t happening anyway, because it’s snowing at Irwin, too. ‘On Christmas Eve?”Exactly. Presumably updating her on his progress. This is a state of emergency.’Who are you?”You first,’ she said.  ’Happy Christmas,’ Reacher said.Jackson said: ‘We could search with the helicopter.’Ness said: ‘Our Minister of Defence. harrogateinternationalfestivals. They still tell stories. Which was good, because saucers implied cups, and cups implied coffee, which was what he wanted, black, no sugar.’Excuse me,’ he said. Once upon a time I was 110th MP. There were icicle lights hanging from the ceiling.”Jack Reacher.’The woman didn’t answer. The guy stuck out his hand and said: ‘Tony Jackson.”Then how did you get here?”Hitched a ride, and walked the last two miles. Share this article Share The younger couple weren’t married. They were utility items, made of greasy white wax, from the hardware store, next to the dish mops and the kitchen matches. Or liaison officers from friendly forces, out of uniform, maybe off duty. There were two couples already in there, a man and a woman somewhere north of 60, and another man and woman somewhere south of 40. Which made sense, with Irwin a hop one way, and Edwards the other.’No answer. Which imposed some kind of shape on his year.The older lady tightened the scarf around her neck, and buttoned her coat.”Our briefing made it sound like the fate of the world hangs in the balance.But not that particular year. You might still know someone. Or stuck somewhere along the way. You could ask Irwin to send a helicopter. Most of it coherent. She was practically poking and prodding. But obviously the guy is a superstar. You’re 1st RMP, and you don’t like that I can’t really explain why I came here. She was tall and lithe and she had a great smile. They were going to be stranded overnight, and they didn’t like it. Some subtle thing. They talk about him like Lionel Messi.He was the fifth refugee. There are lots of men with guns. He trained with us. They were foreign contractors, maybe. This will blow over in an hour, surely.Scroll down for video  Jack Reacher is a tough former US military cop turned drifter who carries nothing but a cash card, a toothbrush and an unflinching sense of right and wrongThat particular year the plan worked as normal. He handed the transceiver to Reacher, who said: ‘Look up DCR 120 in your code book, and call me back on this frequency.’The guy got up and came over, just the same, tall and lithe. Not hard, but not to be messed with, either.”Soccer,’ Ness said. Bodyguards, basically. He saw a lone low building up ahead.’He clicked off. Spelled with a letter c.”You think he’s going to starve, too? I bet the aide put a sandwich in his briefcase. There were candles burning on the bar, and one on every table. No way of getting in touch. They were colleagues of some kind.”Are you from Fort Irwin?”Is that where you’re headed?”We’re supposed to be there now,’ she said. Who would expect it?”Is he on his own?”He went in the lead car.”Who is he?’Jackson said: ‘Can’t tell you. No beds, no food. But no smile.”Why?”It started snowing and the guy refused to go any further. We got separated from our principal.The woman got up and came over to his table. This guy is top five in the world. They’ll tell the papers the military evacuated us but not them. He wanted to talk to his aide in private. That’s what those guys are for.’She didn’t answer.His creator, Lee Child, 63, published his first Reacher novel, Killing Floor, in 1997 after being made redundant by Granada Television, the Manchester-based broadcaster where he worked for nearly 20 years. It liked to be reliable, if nothing else.”That’s a fairly big deal. ‘Barcelona.’ Jack Reacher: Who is the military man turned drifter?  Jack Reacher is a tough former US military cop turned drifter who carries nothing but a cash card, a toothbrush and an unflinching sense of right and wrong..’Comms failures happen all the time,’ Reacher said. The guy had short brown hair, neatly brushed.Except the power was out. To which I say best of luck, and to save you time, I’m not the guy you’re looking for.”You know of a specific threat.”You could call the MP barracks.”But still,’ she said. Except for one strong preference: he liked to be warm in winter. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Jack Reacher author’s thrill at chairing world’s biggest.There was a guy behind the bar, a lugubrious fellow, maybe 70 years old. Always either tropical or desert.”A super-secret meeting with who?”Your Secretary of Defense, spelled with a letter s.”Get the CO in the MP barracks. British Army, he thought. The sky was lightening. Anyway, communications are down.She asked: ‘What kind of vehicle have you got? Ours is what they gave us at the airport.’They sat down at his table, half lit by the window, half by the candle.He thought the older couple looked a little upset.’I would have laid low at that point. I would stay here.”Works for me. The snow had stopped falling. The older couple fussed and stopped and started, as if they weren’t sure whether to blame each other, or reassure each other.Once he had read a newspaper story about homeowners in the north-east having such elaborate Christmas displays they needed new breaker panels. Except the guy in the Santa suit, who was liable to pass out from heat exhaustion. The rocky tan desert was replaced by a smooth white blanket, as far as the eye could see. Usually the end of December would find him at his most distant point.”How far back?’You were in high school.”Annie,’ she Semi-automatic cake machine said.”He was ours. It’s a secure facility. Without power they looked like strings of dull grey pearls. It wasn’t working.He said: ‘First we need Nato.’ Lee Child, 63, published his first Reacher novel, Killing Floor, in 1997 after being made redundant by Granada Television, the Manchester-based broadcaster where he worked for nearly 20 yearsThe woman turned back and said: ‘Tony, come here.’I don’t have a phone,’ Reacher said.co.”Did you know Andrew Parker?”British guy.’Jackson nodded.’Jackson looked down and said: ‘Nato is back. Or the workhouse, or whatever you had over there. ‘My wife wondered if you were perhaps discussing a way out of here. But he knew both places from days of old, especially Irwin, which was a gigantic army training ground, where he had spent many a happy hour. At the other table the older lady seemed to be urging her husband to go do some particular thing. But tough. Roads were invisible.When his clothes get dirty, he throws them away and buys cheap replacements.com   Advertisement Read more: The Midnight Line: (Jack Reacher 22): Amazon. ‘They’ll be OK. Reacher was sure of that.’ Tom Cruise stars as Jack Reacher in the Paramount Pictures big screen version of Lee Child’s book series’There’s been some internet chatter.Cars were buried.”I don’t have a vehicle,’ Reacher said. We think he’s at Irwin without us. There are no beds. If so, she wondered if you would perhaps include us in your party.”Is this about saving face? That train left the station long ago.”You’re kidding,’ Reacher said.’Tony Jackson said: ‘You would say that anyway. I wonder which I would get first?”This is serious, Reacher. Annie Ness was pretty. Warm, dry, and reliable.”Who?”Football player. He nodded a rueful all-in-the-same-boat greeting, and they all nodded back.”We need a helicopter,’ Jackson said. I’m sure that makes people want to help.She asked: ‘Do you have service on your phone? Maybe you’re on a different network. No reaction. Not cricket.’Jackson said: ‘We need to get out of here.The younger two stared at their phones, and fiddled with a larger device they tried to keep hidden, but which Reacher recognised as a Nato transceiver tied to a joint command network. Eventually the guy got up and crossed the room and came to a stop at Reacher’s table, with Ness on his left, and Reacher dead ahead, and Jackson on his right.”What’s the name?”The Christmas Scorpion.His latest novel, The Midnight Line, went straight to number one in the bestseller lists when it was published last month..”There is no helicopter,’ Reacher said.   © Lee ChildThe Midnight Line by Lee Child is out now Lee Child is the 2018 Programming Chair of the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, 19-22 July. Like business travellers, except they weren’t dressed like it. Which suggests you’re looking for a guy. Maybe embarrassed they were late.Reacher whispered: ‘We can’t leave them behind.Since then ‎Child, Coventry-born but now living in Manhattan, has written 22 Reacher books that have sold more than 100-million copies around the world – or one every nine seconds. Or maybe not, because they looked just as upset as the older couple. Each table also had a Christmas tree on it, about a foot high, made of feathery green plastic dusted with silver glitter.”Why not?’Jackson didn’t answer.Reacher got inside as soon as he could. And a million dollars in cash. I’m some other guy. But if we figure something out, you’ll be the first to know, OK?”Thank you,’ the old guy said, and he turned and walked back to his own table, where he sat down and whispered to his wife. He liked the climate. On Christmas Eve Reacher arrived in a small town near Barstow, California, out in the desert halfway between Edwards Air Force Base and Fort Irwin. Maybe buy myself a bag of potato chips. The guy agreed. Not as far south as usual. They’ll cause a scandal.’Right now I’m nobody. ‘Sorry.’Exactly. He called out: ‘Get you something?’Reacher glanced around. I bet half the people supposed to be there are stuck somewhere else. He liked the emptiness. Especially when the snow was wet and heavy and 3ft thick on the ground. When he finished she nodded once, but she didn’t look any happier.”We can’t stay here.”I would have stopped talking after I told Ms Ness I don’t have a phone.’Jackson did, after a lot of back and forth.”What kind of physical characteristic would that be? What does a Christmas scorpion even look like?”We don’t know.The power was out.’Now I’m changing my mind,’ Reacher said. Always the same in every language, as if it’s more of a description than a name, as if it derives from a physical characteristic.In recent years he had seen more Christmas lights strung up in palm trees than fir trees. Reacher asked for everything short of the dinner date and the million bucks in cash. They looked pretty good, especially at night. They’ll get one back up. No sleighs or reindeer. He heard them whisper.”Let’s assume he didn’t. ‘About the climate, obviously.”How would you do it?”I wouldn’t. There’s been a name repeated over and over. They work for the Queen. What also arrived on Christmas Eve was snow, in huge quantities, in what media elsewhere were quick to call a one-time freak once-in-a- lifetime storm of the century. Reacher took it. He was a lunatic. They were going to be stranded overnight, and they didn’t like it. My wife feels we’ll freeze to death, or starve. Like BBC radio. You could mention the 110th.”I meant, why here?”Because it’s supposed to be warm and dry.Reacher said: ‘This is serious, isn’t it?”I told you it was. He huffed and puffed, and clapped his hands together, and stamped on the mat. He has no phone, no permanent home, no family and no long-term romantic attachments.uk: Lee Child: 9780593078181: Books Harrogate International Festivals – The Home of Festivals. And he knows about the meeting. ‘Sorry.”You’re 1st RMP?’Royal Military Police

Durbin told the story of Kim’s father

Durbin told the story of Kim’s father, Jong Jin Kim, who immigrated to California from Korea in 1982.Kim became the youngest female snowboarder to win an Olympic gold medal as she dominated the women’s halfpipe on Tuesday in Pyeongchang, South Korea..8 million Dreamers. He picked up a degree in engineering technology,’ Durbin said Tuesday. A nice little family.’ Chloe Kim’s father, who had encouraged her to get on a snowboard aged four, gave up his job as an engineer three years later to semi-automatic cookie machine focus on his daughter’s budding sporting career. What Olympians eat for breakfast: From chocolate pancakes.Trump wants to move to a ‘merit-based’ system that emphasizes skills rather than family connections.Trump on Wednesday was on a collision course over immigration with US senators including some within his own party, as they struggled to reach a solution protecting .’ ‘There are members of the Senate on the other side who don’t buy this story,’ he said.. ‘Leaving your life behind and chasing this dream because your kid is passionate about this sport.With senators racing against a self-imposed deadline to strike a deal this week, Trump demanded the chamber rally around his proposal, which puts the ‘Dreamer’ immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children on a pathway to citizenship – but severely curtails legal immigration. 

Chloe has long-praised her father, who was in attendance alongside Chloe’s mother and grandmother at Phoenix Snow Park to watch her win gold with a near-perfect score of 98. I can tell all now says Stormy Daniels after Trump’s lawyer..‘That girl was Chloe Kim, and she won a gold medal last night at the Olympics.In return for shoring up the status of DACA recipients, Trump wants funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border as well as other reforms to the immigration system.Trump’s plan – which Senator Chuck Grassley and other Republicans released late Tuesday as a comprehensive bill – protects Dreamers but also would boost border security funding, abolish the diversity visa lottery and restrict family reunification, a policy Trump calls ‘chain migration.‘But who came to the United States determined to make a life and to bring a family forward. ‘I think today I did it for my family and I am so grateful to them. And a little girl, who had a special skill when it came to snowboarding…‘He decided to go to school.The Illinois Democrat stood next to a large photograph of Kim with her arms outstretched while holding an American flag..Trump has proposed giving a path to citizenship to 1. Dick Durbin uses Chloe Kim’s Olympic triumph to advocate for immigration – CNN.During a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Dick Durbin inserted the Olympics into the political hot potato known as immigration policy, CNN reported.”I am asking all senators, in both parties, to support the Grassley bill and to oppose any legislation that fails to fulfill these four pillars – that includes opposing any short-term “Band-Aid” approach,’ Trump said in a statement. Durbin told the story of Kim’s father, Jong Jin Kim (right), who immigrated to California from Korea in 198 Jong Jin Kim quit his job as an engineer in order to devote himself to his daughter’s budding sporting career when she was just seven years old Durbin said during his remarks that when Jong Jin Kim came to this country, he had just 300 in his pocket and a Korean-English dictionaryThe president has floated a plan as part of efforts to address the status of ‘Dreamers’ – the children of illegal immigrants brought to this country at a young age.’Durbin was referring to proposals by President Donald Trump to introduce stricter requirements for immigrants to come to this country.’  Advertisement Read more: bread production line Sen. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Outrage as Barstool Radio host calls 17-year-old Olympic.A Democratic senator from Illinois said on Wednesday that if President Donald Trump and the Republicans had their way on immigration, US Olympic champion Chloe Kim would not have been allowed into the country. White House REFUSES to discuss immigration status of.. Durbin implied on Wednesday that immigration proposals like those of President Donald Trump (seen above on Wednesday at the White House) would have prevented migrants like Kim’s father from coming to the United StatesDurbin said on Wednesday that Chloe Kim’s story is ‘America’s story, too. A man who might not have passed some of the merit-based tests that we’re hearing around here.25. Share this article Share ‘It’s a story of an immigrant family.‘He decided to start a family.8 million immigrants from deportation. During a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senator Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, stood next to a large photograph of US Olympic champion Chloe Kim to make a point about immigration Kim became the youngest female snowboarder to win an Olympic gold medal as she dominated the women’s halfpipe on Tuesday in Pyeongchang, South KoreaDurbin said during his remarks that when Jong Jin Kim came to this country, he had just 300 in his pocket and a Korean-English dictionary. ‘My dad has definitely sacrificed a lot for me and I don’t know if I could do it, if I was in his shoes,’ Chloe told reporters. ‘They think it’s time to change this narrative, about America and its diversity and its origins and its roots.

Next Holocaust survivor who endured

‘I’m so proud of you!’: Deaf star of The Silent Child and. Eat my potato chips.’ She later admitted to the local news station, with a grin, that she might even have more than just three chips every night, shattering the idea that junk food or alcohol are detrimental to longevity.

Next Holocaust survivor who endured horrifying medical.. While good company has certainly helped the two reach the milestone, Matilda says a beer and three potato chips a night are to blame for her long and healthy life.Matilda and Mickey keep each other active by going on walks and even on bike rides sometimes. Semi-automatic cake machine Advertisement Read more: 100 Year Old’s Secret to Long Life: Beer and Potato Chips – NBC New York..She told NBC San Diego how she cheered up injured soldiers during World War II.Matilda Curcia and Mickey turned 100 years old within days of each other and celebrated the milestone in a joint birthday party in San Diego on Saturday.The two women have lived only four doors from each other since they moved to the Allied Gardens neighborhood at around the same time decades ago, they told NBC San Diego.

That’s about all.  Scroll down for video   In good company: The two friends turned 100 within days of each other and celebrated the milestone in a joint birthday party in their Allied Gardens neighborhood on Saturday Matilda and her longtime friend Mickey welcomed both of their second centuries on earth among friends, family, and hot pink, 100-shaped balloons’I've experienced good health,’ Matilda said. And have my beer.’Sometimes they’d come in extremely depressed and then I tried to tell about and show them about cases that would make theirs look pretty light,’ said the centenarian. Share this article Share biscuit production line 100-years-young: Matilda Curcia, from San Diego, says a beer and three potato chips every night have helped her live a long and healthy life  Here’s to 100 years: Mickey, who served in the military as a nurse, goes on walks and even bike rides with her neighbor Matilda Mickey, who served in the military as a nurse, showed an optimistic spirit that may just be her own secret to a long life… ‘I have no pain and do my exercises every day.Two best friends of nearly 50 years celebrated the start of their second century with a joint party